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Re: Leveraging the largest opportunity for business consultants, ever

Hi – you may have already heard my story of how I consult business owners worldwide on delivering more customers and more sales, and how this is something I fell into – totally by accident. Before offline marketing, I ran a “real world” business with real problems, payroll, rent… and real customers. So when I talk with business owners, I understand what they’re up against and I know how to help because I’ve been there. This is good for my clients, but this is good for YOU too — more on that in a minute. 

My Story

You see, back in 1999 I operated an offline business and needed a website, but I couldn’t find a trusted marketer to do the work so I developed the site myself!

Even then, I didn’t jump full time into this business until I literally had an accident that knocked me out of work for months…

Over the years, friends and other business owners begged me to fix their broken sites, build new ones, help with sales copy and conversions…

I never thought about becoming an offline consultant until the day I had to.

Then the lightbulb went off –

As an offline business owner, I had seen every form of slimy marketer crawl through my door. I wanted nothing to do with their hyped-up promises and lack of delivery.

At the same time, I realized that offline business owners desperately need online marketing – even more so than Yellow Pages, radio, local magazines or coupon clippers –

The Local Story

And then I read month after month of negative headlines and talking heads in the media. Bad economy. Rising unemployment. Recession. Depression. Falling stock prices. And on & on. A train wreck of epic proportions…

At the center of the catastrophe were small business owners. When consumers have no money, they can’t spend it in their local business community. Huge corporations make matters worse with deep pockets… slashing their prices to keep the lights on, further pulling sales from local business.

This explodes outward like a nuclear bomb… destroying every corner of the local economy until nothing is left.

Everyone gets hurt.

This is not a “local problem.”

Small business historically accounts for two-thirds of all jobs created. If local business owners suffer, the entire economy suffers.

I was in a UNIQUE position to help so I knew what I had to do.

You’re probably the same way — if you see someone about to hurt themselves, you’d tell them to WATCH OUT, right?

As the internet exploded and became more complex, so did the need for qualified offline marketing consultants. A problem that’s even bigger now!

Learning how to code that website was the best thing that ever happened to me — I went on to develop hundreds of websites, mobile sites, Facebook fan pages…And I work with clients across the U.S. and around the world. From San Diego to Sydney, the systems I’ve created simply WORK.

Point is, I’ve seen the good, bad and ugly of offline marketing — both as an offline business owner and as a marketer.

Absolutely horror stories out there… business owners getting ripped off by ineffective marketers who listened to bad advice, and marketers making nothing because they don’t have a plan, don’t know how to outsource without it costing all their profits, don’t know where to go for real help.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

There is one aspect of my business (local maps marketing) that is an absolute goldmine — strong conversions, easy sales and long-term recurring opportunities for income.

Chronic income.

The best part is, business owners UNDERSTAND local maps marketing. It makes SENSE… it’s a bit sexy… but isn’t the latest fad that will blow away next month.


[headline_georgia_large_centered color=”#000000″]Maps Marketing Hack.
The essential information you need
to KILL IT in Google+ Local and beyond.[/headline_georgia_large_centered]

Yes Google+ Local ~ a.k.a. Google Places.

You probably heard all the hype when Google changed their name, with a lot of scare tactics and bad information that Google was “getting out of” local. People were calling it “Google’s latest slap.” Nothing could be further from the truth!

But hey, that’s the way hype is — exploiting your fear for their own personal gain.

I’m not here to scare you. I’m here to help.

It’s time to stop being afraid and finally accomplish what you set out to do…

Any time you offer a service, you first have to make sure there is a need for it.

Is there a need for offline consultants?

Absolutely — offline business owners throw away huge sums of money every month. Just look at the traditional methods local business owners use to try and get more business.

  • Yellow Pages
  • Ads in local newspaper
  • Local radio ads
  • Membership in the Chamber

These are all passive and totally ineffective.

They rely on CHANCE.

The chance that someone will just happen to need your product or service at the moment they see your ad, remember you long enough to take action when they finally do need you, and not get distracted by any of the million other things in life…

On the other hand, a local business could invest in online marketing and serve their business to their prospect at the exact moment they are looking for them.

You simply cannot find a more effective advertising method — or more cost effective, with measurable results.

So we know there is a market for our services. There are millions of business owners out there who need more customers and more sales. Google estimates that the local advertising market is $20 billion annually and they have spent years buying competitors and doing everything they can to crash the Offline party.

That’s the really weird thing about Google — they do what makes them money.

The question is, where do you fit in?

The problem is three-fold —

  1. developing your skill set so you actually know what you’re talking about
  2. developing a rapport with your prospective business owner so they know, like and trust you
  3. repeating the process and scaling your business so you’re not working 100 hours per week.

Seems simple enough — but why do 99% of the “guru” courses give you tiny little snippets of information that will never help you actually achieve success?

In Maps Marketing Hack, I wanted to do something completely different from the “typical” information product. I created something that would help your business, and in so doing, help your local business owner client. I don’t just trickle the information in useless bits and pieces… or make a big deal about hyping the basics and hold back what you really need to succeed.

Being a slave to product creators — buying endless products without solutions — is not good for you, your business nor your clients.

You need solid, actionable information from the trenches, 7 days a week when you need it.

This is just part of the approach I take with Maps Marketing Hack, a cutting edge system that is based on solid business fundamentals.

When you grab Maps Marketing Hack today, you’ll get all of the following:

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  • A comprehensive blueprint showing you the exact steps to succeed with a Google Places listing inside Google+ Local.
  • Handy two-page cheat sheet that lays out everything step-by-step.
  • The nuts and bolts to “get it done,” down the smallest detail
  • Zero hype opinions of offline products hitting the market
  • The truth about what really works! Cut through well-meaning forum chatter and “mastermind” noise and get the TRUTH
  • Special pricing on some of the best tools for offline marketers
  • Ongoing 100% content webinars and video training – past webinars on “Getting Clients” and “SEO Truth” were BIG hits!
  • Video updates direct from Google, Google Business, Bing, Fast Company and more
  • Elite Mastermind in both Facebook and Skype where your questions are answered personally and directly
  • Sales and Closing, including mindset, approaching prospects, positioning, branding and more
  • Huge Bonuses (complete courses currently selling online) including Youtube Raider, Video Production, Conversions, Proposals generator and more

No holding back – everything laid out in black & white (and video)

Doesn’t that totally frustrate you when you just KNOW they’re holding back the key information? I get angry — this is my livelihood and my family we’re talking about!

Maps Marketing Hack is different from any other course you’ve ever purchased, not like any other “coaching” program, “mastermind” or “e-book” —

  • How much could a $7 e-book really teach you about running a successful business? (Does watching The Apprentice turn you into Donald Trump?)
  • How many webinars have we attended where they hit us with “the formula” — 20 minutes “identifying” the problem (they concocted), 40 minutes of everything you need to do so “solve” the problem, and then 10 minutes of why their product will solve the problem they just created…
  • How about spending days on Google forums searching for answers to your client’s problems?
  • Or how about the guru who emailed everyone after Google Places changed their name to Google+ Local, advising everyone “not to buy any product” because of all the “uncertainty” (fear)… and wouldn’t ya know, he released his own product just a few weeks later?!?
  • Or how about the guru who charges $497 up-front plus a recurring fee every month for a monthly webinar that only a few people get to attend and ask their questions?

Hype, hype and more hype… Yuck!

If you’re at all interested in being an offline consultant — a professional offline consultant who consults offline business owners… not a poser phone call blaster email spammer wannabe — then Maps Marketing Hack is where you need to be.

Many members have stopped buying other products because they simply don’t need them. They have a plan with Maps Marketing Hack.

Sorry, “gurus”!

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“Finally someone I can trust!

John is one of the few guys that I respect and trust in the offline consulting world. He’s a no B.S., straight-shooter, which is a breath of fresh air in an industry full of guru wannabee’s that provide “advice” that often turns out to be a complete waste of time and money.

One of the biggest benefits of being one of John’s customers is that he pre-screens so many WSOs and new products, and only recommends the ones that truly make a difference and actually work. This is such a huge time-saver for me.

If you’re looking for a trusted advisor to help you cut through the clutter and noise of the offline consulting world, John’s your guy….”

Mark Brinker,


Maps Marketing Hack has proven itself to be a reality-based method for succeeding online by helping local business owners attract what they always want — more customers and more sales.

This is not based on obscure “tricks” that game the system or so-called “stupid-simple” strategies that really are stupid and overly simple to waste your time with.

This is not something you’d be embarrassed to discuss with clients… or your spouse.

[headline_georgia_small_left color=”#000000″]”A true breakthrough to the next step. An absolutely brilliant wake-up call”[/headline_georgia_small_left]




The Local Customer

Maybe you’re completely new to this discussion about Offline Marketing. You’ve heard that it’s a hot opportunity and you’re thinking about it, but you have had no exposure to it whatsoever. You and I should talk…

Maybe you just don’t realize the sheer magnitude of “Local.”

Think about the internet and how everything is going mobile. What is the essence of a mobile user?

A *LOCAL* user.

Local search users need help now. They need help from local businesses. And they’re using maps to find them. Oftentimes they’re searching on mobile devices, so Maps Marketing Hack and mobile are a great combination.

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Consider these case studies:

  • Local restaurant uses Maps Marketing to destroy competition with top ranking, special offers and customer reviews
  • #1 Ranked organic SEO moving company beats back competitors using Maps and shoots from #18 to page 1
  • Maps Marketing rescues struggling business back to life in six weeks
  • Maps Marketing hyper-targets local area for dog walker with a walking distance service area!

Every business owner you talk to has seen a map icon in Google, Bing or Yahoo. They get it. No convincing required.

This works for any size business, any market, any niche.

Whether they’re in hyper-competitive niches or think carmel macchiato’s are luxury items, they know they need to be “on the map.”

It’s a low threshold for a yes, and tremendous flexibility to fit YOUR business model.

You don’t have to be a used car salesman to make this work. (No offense to used car salesmen.) We cover every possible situation that comes up in the real world —

  • Your client doesn’t have a physical location? No problem, gotcha covered.
  • Your client has multiple locations? There’s not “an app for that,” but there is a solution!
  • Your client needs to integrate with their SEO or Adwords team? You’ll learn how to lead.
  • Your client doesn’t want a big SEO campaign because they only want to serve a tiny geographic area? Put them on the map.
[text_bar_1 background=”#444444″ + width=”100%]”Even Seasoned Offline Consultants said, ‘I didn’t know that!'”[/text_bar_1]

Maps Marketing Hack is not pushbutton ‘get rich quick’ nonsense.

Maps Marketing Hack is not a “one-size-fits-all”  that works for the author’s narrow example but would never work for you. In fact, I introduced this to a small group of offline marketers on a webinar and the demand for more was fierce.

Once inside, they were astonished at how EASY the material was to understand and implement.

Maps Marketing Hack is a comprehensive, step by step plan of offline consulting for business owners just like you helping fellow business owners in your community… or worldwide.

In short, it’s a B2B approach. Local business owners respect and appreciate that.

Best of all, Maps Marketing Hack works no matter what your offline specialty is:

[green_tick_2_list width=”100%”]
  • Perfect for mobile
  • Perfect for SEO’s
  • Perfect for Reputation Managers
  • Perfect for web designers
  • Perfect for social media stars
  • Perfect for video marketers
  • Perfect for conversion experts
  • Perfect for email marketers

Perfect if you want MAPS marketing to be your entire business!

You may be thinking, “Woah, wait a minute – HOLD ON! Nothing is perfect for everyone.”

I understand, you’re absolutely right. This may not be for you. If you’re content with the way things are in your business, no need to change. If you have a plan for the next six months, stay on course. If your idea of prospecting is to wake up and open your email for the list of cash deposits hitting your bank overnight, good on ya!

Meanwhile back in the Land of Reality…

[features_box_light_blue width=”75%” + border=”1px”]“I never really thought about using [the service you recommended] in conjunction with Google Places to help with Geo-Tagging – ******. It makes total sense, so just learning that in itself makes the cost of the course worthwhile to me🙂

Earl Gardner, Alchemy Digital Media[/features_box_light_blue]

Let’s be honest with each other. Every other week there’s a new social media fad that’s even bigger than the last one. Every day a new thing is happening with mobile. We’re told all the time that SEO has died yet Google still ranks SOMEONE on top in every keyword, right?

Time for a gut check. Throw out all the guru nonsense and just think about your business. What if you could have one way into a business owner’s heart that would grow their business (and yours) like a solid oak tree for months if not years? One vein of never-ending gold that begins with a simple idea they already know and accept as truth?

No more convincing, pushing, battling for their attention.

An easy way to form a bond and be trusted from day one.

If you need more clients, a clear path and steady reliable income, here’s what you need to do.  Take control of your business, starting now.

[headline_georgia_small_left color=”#000000″]”I cannot believe the amount of service you give before & after the sale. Really fantastic.”



But why stop there? Why not go where the real money is — creating a solid business from what you learn… Getting one-off jobs is good, but chasing client after client is not nearly as fun (or rewarding) as offering full systems of recurring income, right?

No, I’m not talking about “push button automatic income.” That’s ridiculous and insulting.

I’m talking about creating value for your business owner client so they are happy to write a check to you every month — wouldn’t YOU be happy to pay someone pennies to make dollars?

Heck yeah, I’d do that all day long! Sign me up!!

But seriously – wouldn’t you like some intense training on demand, when you need it most?

And how about a higher perspective of Maps Marketing and all the different places it leads? Mobile marketing, SEO, video marketing, backend strategies, web design…

Sure, you could stop at optimizing their Places Listing. But that’s like going to a 5-star restaurant and ordering a water! You’re leaving a WHOLE lot more on the table, for no good reason whatsoever.

When they ask for more help, you could fake it like every other marketer out there, string them along for a few months until they drop you..

Or you could bring them into a system that makes sense from Day 1, making their business thrive and your word of mouth soar through the roof because you’re different.

You have that higher level view —

A mastermind view… An Elite View of Maps Marketing that fits all the pieces together — Google+, the website, social media, other SEO…

[headline_georgia_small_left color=”#000000″]”One of the best investments I’ve made. Straight-up coach, mentor and teacher.”[/headline_georgia_small_left]




Let’s Review Everything Included With Your Membership:

[green_plus_2_list width=”100%”]
  • Renewable training on the complete course for setting up a Google+ Local (Google Places) listing, fully optimized with video, photos and on-page optimization
  • Video modules with MP3’s and complete transcripts so you learn how you like to learn
  • Searchable database to quickly find the answers you’re looking for
  • Ongoing 100% Content Webinars and Video Training
  • Comprehensive step-by-step system covering Maps, Mobile, SEO, conversions and more!
[/green_plus_2_list] [headline_georgia_small_left color=”#000000″]”Worth the cost of membership 10 times over.”[/headline_georgia_small_left]




Plus these incredible bonuses:

[green_plus_2_list width=”100%”]
  • PLR videos to advertise your services  – $300 value
  • Powerpoint presentations to deliver to your clients – $50 value
  • Two Hour Client-Getting Webinar that attendees called “astonishing” and “the best webinar they had ever attended” – value based on your next client
  • Best Selling Google+ product Plus Invasion – $27 value
  • PLR outsource videos to find, hire and train your outsource team – $100 value (coming soon)
  • Conversions course — all about getting better conversions for your clients – $97 value
  • WordPress coupons plugin – close sales faster – $27 value
  • MMH Article to Video converter – $47 value
  • MMH custom QR Code Generator – $27 value
  • Tube Raider video marketing course PLUS Quick Video Viral video production course – $77 value
  • Facebook and Skype mastermind with my personal coaching priceless
  • These are not “opt in” bonuses — they are available immediately in the member area!
  • And more – I am adding to the member area all the time!!

These are the very same strategies I use in my business every day with nothing left to chance.

And nothing left to lose. I know the positive and profound impact this will make in your life and the lives of your clients, so I want to make sure you receive this. Let me take all the risk so you don’t have to.

[guarantee_box_1 title=”My 100% Money Back Guarantee”]Join Maps Marketing Hack today and have 7 (seven) Full Days to review all the course materials, videos, PDF’s, checklists, webinar, mastermind, and put it to work. If you don’t find 10x the value of your purchase price, I will cheerfully refund you. That’s my no hassle guarantee and commitment to excellence. Why “only” 7 Days? Because I don’t want this to sit on your hard drive and collect dust. Maps Marketing Hack could be the last product you ever purchase… if you TAKE ACTION. Make this the week your life changed.[/guarantee_box_1] [guarantee_box_1 title=”My DOUBLE Guarantee”]I truly care about your success. Study everything in the course, get active in the mastermind and put my system to work. If you don’t have a client in 60 days, show me everything you’ve done and I’ll either help you close your first client or give you back every penny you’ve spent thus far. All the risk is on me! [/guarantee_box_1]  
But I have to level with you. Maps Marketing Hack is not going to be one of those “evergreen” products you see from one year to the next that just collect rust like junk heaps in a yard. I am generous with my knowledge but I’m not an idiot – there will be a point when I decide too many people know my secrets and I’ll shut this down for good.

We have already closed once before, but due to popular demand I have re-opened for a short time.

If you come back and see, “SORRY – CLOSED” –  I’m really sorry but fairness favors the decision maker.

IF I ever release this again, it will be through private partners for a LOT more money. My own customers have insisted that I increase the price to $297 per month!

The time to get in is now.

Oh I almost forgot. We have not one but TWO mastermind groups in Maps Marketing Hack — we not only mirror the content in both, but I am personally active every day in both groups. How many times have you purchased a “mastermind” with the expert but you never see him! Not here. How many times have you purchased “coaching” that turns out to be a series of pre-recorded webinars?

I am very accessible and easy to find.

I truly care about your success.

[headline_georgia_small_left color=”#000000″]”The information, help and assistance John’s always willing to give is second to none!”



[headline_georgia_small_left color=”#000000″]”Overdelivers high quality content. Always there to help.”[/headline_georgia_small_left]



Like I said earlier, the information I’m about to share has been sold for $497 and up.

But if you know me, you know my passion for offfline business. I used to operate an offline business.

The way I see it… the better your skills set, the more you can help your local business owner. That benefits them, their families, their local economy, and eventually the larger economy.

In life, sometimes we have a greater purpose that’s beyond “us.”

So I decided I’m not going to charge $497 every month for what I’m about to share.

I’m going to go against my customers who are insisting I charge $297…

I’m not even going to charge $197 monthly…

Maps Marketing Hack is Currently Closed to New Members

Click Here to be notified when we re-open

Today, I want you to have EVERYTHING today — the training, webinars, PLR and mastermind with me…

Get EVERYTHING today for one crazy low price.

Simple. Straightforward.
After you join… You’re in at the highest level
~ No Upsells, “One Time Offers” or “extra modules”! ~

This is usually where the big buy button is.

But I’m about to show you just how non-guru I am.

Don’t buy yet — because frankly, this may not be for you. And that’s not marketer hype — I really want you to decide if you’ve got what it takes and you’re ready to do some work to make your dreams a reality. You’re going to need to focus and commit —

I could blow smoke and tell you just buy my thing and you’ll live happily ever after. Aren’t you sick of being lied to?

For starters, I only want people in the Elite mastermind who want to grow their business and help business owners grow theirs. This is a serious group of professionals you’ll be joining, many of whom are full time consultants and many others who are just starting their business. It’s a very friendly, fun, supportive environment.

You don’t have to be in there every day. How ’bout once a week? Would you pop in and contribute to the discussion with just a moment of your time?

We value every voice in the room.

One thing — we don’t waste each other’s time and we don’t bash beginners who ask basic questions. In fact, the most negative thing that’s ever said is if a member says, ‘don’t buy this’ <horrible guru product>!

We pull together and push everyone ahead.

The Mastermind is only ONE benefit you receive today by joining.

In fact, many of the Elite member benefits have been developed at the members‘ urging.

After you purchase, you’ll get that and everything else just moments from now.

Who else is this NOT for?

  • If you suffer from ‘shiny object syndrome’ where you purchase and refund, purchase and refund, run from one thing to the next… Pass on this, we will only frustrate each other and it won’t end well.
  • If you have a personal phobia of monthly payments, then purchase that next e-book and good luck!
  • If you’re a scammer and thief who plans to use the information in Maps Marketing Hack for evil, there is a special place for you but it’s not in the member area.
  • If you’re into CPA, PPV, affiliate marketing, solo ads… those all have their place, but Maps Marketing Hack is single-minded for offline consultants.
  • If you are on your last dime and trying to decide if you should buy groceries or buy this course… pass for a time when you can afford it.

But if you’re ready to finally break through, get the training and tools you truly need to succeed, and you have the means to commit your energy to your business (and your clients’ business)… then JUMP ON THIS OPPORTUNITY BEFORE IT PASSES YOU BY.

Bottom line, there is a WEALTH of information in the Elite member’s area that you couldn’t afford to pass up if it were $497… $297… even $197…

The sooner you act, the sooner you get in to the most Elite maps marketing training that money can buy. Plus, you lock in your monthly membership forever at the insanely low pricing.

In a word, WOW —

  • All the mastermind sessions
  • All the content webinars
  • The video training
  • PDF’s, articles, MP3’s…
  • The PLR for getting clients
  • Q&A with an expert in maps marketing
  • plus all the BONUSES

For the lowest price possible if you ACT NOW.

I’m certain you’re going to love being a part of the Elite mastermind and you’ll want to stay in for a long, long time. Your membership fee will never increase from the rate you lock in today – even if future members pay much, MUCH more.

P.S. Please note this is an ongoing membership that renews monthly. You have 30 days to decide if I have delivered on my promises or ask for a refund. Cancel any time after that but please respect our policy of no refunds after 30 days, for any reason. You can’t purchase a home and return it after a month. You can’t consume a fine steak dinner and return it. And you wouldn’t think of visiting your doctor or dentist for free. We hope you agree this is reasonable and fair.

P.S.S. You may be wondering if this the first of five “OTO’s” and you’re starting down a rabbit trail where you just can’t find the exit hatch. No — nothing like that. This is the offer and this is the highest level training. And once you get inside, there’s not going to be a “mobile module” or an “SEO module” or anything else you need to separately purchase. This really is EVERYTHING.

Hey, I told you it would surprise you.

Jump in – click the big yellow button. See you soon in the mastermind!




Source: National Federation of Independent Business; Non-Partisan Analysis by United States Senate